Culinary Chronicles: Dae Su's Journey through Ramen and Rebellion

"Dae Su: A Ramen Story" is the first of many manga stories that will enrich the OYABUN universe. As we continue to expand the OYABUN universe, we look forward to sharing more manga stories with you. Each story will be a new chapter in the OYABUN saga, adding depth and detail to our world. So, sit back, enjoy "Dae Su: A Ramen Story", and stay tuned for more exciting manga tales from the neon-lit streets of Neo Tokyo.

Stay tuned! More stories are on the horizon, ready to whisk you away on new adventures. The saga of OYABUN is far from over; in fact, it's just getting started. As we continue to explore the world of Neo Tokyo, we invite you to join us on this journey. Who knows what exciting tales the future might hold?

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