The Characters of the Cyber-Yakuza: A Guide to the People of Neo Tokyo

In the vibrant world of OYABUN, a diverse cast of characters shapes the destiny of Neo Tokyo. Each character, with their unique backgrounds, motivations, and abilities, plays a crucial role in the unfolding saga. From the ruthless cyber-yakuza to the cunning strategists, from the fearless warriors to the influential leaders, these characters bring the story of OYABUN to life.

In this section, we delve into their stories, exploring their origins, their journeys, and their impact on the world of OYABUN. Get to know the characters who inhabit this cybernetic metropolis, and discover how they contribute to the rich tapestry of our narrative.


From Widow to Leader: The Journey of Kusanagi and the Cyber-Yakuza

"I'll just sit back, sip my champagne, and let the money roll in."

Kusanagi, once the steadfast pillar of support for her late husband, the unifying OYABUN of Neo Tokyo's three clans, now stands alone. Yet, her influence remains undiminished, her gambling empire expanding under the capable stewardship of the promising Saya. From the apex of Shinjuku's tallest tower, the headquarters of the organization, Kusanagi masterfully orchestrates the intricate dance of power.

While often at odds with Miyamoto's martial strategies, Kusanagi's resolve is unyielding when circumstances demand. In her luxurious suite, amidst a throng of cloned felines, her biomechanical mask betrays no emotion. Her demeanor, as impassive as a droid's, raises unsettling questions: Is Kusanagi fighting for the survival of the family, or does she harbor a darker agenda - the resurgence of droids in Neo Tokyo? Either possibility sows seeds.


Miyamoto's Rise to Power: A Story of Determination and Loyalty

"I'll crush anyone who stands in my way."

A seasoned veteran of the Machine War, Miyamoto found himself forsaken by the army when the conflict ended. Choosing to desert, he joined his brother, the undisputed OYABUN of Neo Tokyo. Yet, he harbors a deep-seated fear of his wife, Kusanagi, whose cold demeanor echoes the soulless droids he battled in his past.

Miyamoto has carved out a reputation as a formidable general among the cyber-yakuza. However, as his brother's health rapidly deteriorates despite cutting-edge biomedical interventions, he finds himself unable to trust anyone, not even his trusted lieutenant, Akira. In response, he recruits former soldiers, mercenaries with malfunctioning implants who obey him without question.

Operating from the shadows of the subway lines, stretching from Shibuya to Akasuka, Miyamoto and his underground commandos expand their territory and illicit operations. A new order is taking root beneath the city's rusting neon signs. And the rebellious clans will have no choice but to fall in line, whether dead or alive.


Ambition and Loyalty: The Tale of Dae-Su and the Cyber-Yakuza

"I'm gonna knock you out, then take all your money."

Dae-Su, a native of Korea, arrived in the bay of Neo Tokyo. Unloading containers along the docks for the cyber-yakuza, his unusual physique quickly caught the eye of Miyamoto, who employed him as a sumo wrestler to fuel the bets for new fights. Despite his apparent kindness, Dae-Su does not hesitate to dominate his opponents in the ring.

The family then uses him to test a variety of biotechnological implants: mutations are combined with transplants to transform him into an unstoppable hybrid giant. He rises in rank alongside Akira, but remains primarily confined to extortion and illegal gambling activities.

In the district of Ryลgoku, east of the Sumida river, he is considered a living legend. He then secretly approached those who offered him a position worthy of his stature. Now surrounded by his disciples, he prepares to overthrow the power and impose respect by force.


Racing to Freedom: The Journey of Takeshi and the Cyber-Yakuza

"I'm the fastest rider in all of Neo Tokyo."

The clandestine motorcycle races have always been the perfect outlet for young Takeshi's bouts of madness. His reputation as a rider spreads along the Wangan Road and throughout the Neo Tokyo area.

However, the cyber-yakuza have other plans for this prodigy. With the help of Dae-Su, Akira coerces him into eliminating many of their rivals. Takeshi complies, proving to be as adept at murder as he is at evading it. He quickly becomes the clan's most notorious hitman, unpredictable and elusive. His new implants enhance his performance, but they cannot compensate for his lack of freedom.

He then rallies his comrades to fuel larger projects: to rule the city that saw them grow up, on two wheels, with a gun in his hand and a smile on his face. No one will ever dictate his course of action again. Takeshi is ready to seize control, and his audacious spirit is set to shake the foundations of Neo Tokyo.


The Power of Information: The Tale of Saya

"I may be just a barmaid, but I hear everything and I know everything."

SAYA Everyone enjoys a drink at Saya's, a barmaid in a gambling house under the control of the cyber-yakuza. The confessions flow freely, and this knowledge allows her to counsel the family in times of crisis. She wields considerable influence, her body enhanced with implants right down to her fingertips.

Kusanagi eventually entrusts her with the management of the establishment, and more broadly, the Kabukichล district. Takeshi and his gang regularly drop off bags of smuggled weapons in exchange for hefty tips. Simultaneously, numerous police officers frequent the place to unwind. The information that the waitresses glean from them can sometimes be worth its weight in gold, and the potential for blackmail ensures their silence.

A mole has seemingly infiltrated the family. Saya possesses an unrivaled network of influence, wealth, and devastating firepower. Ultimately, she envisions herself at the helm of the organization. And those who stand in her way will pay a steep price.


The Road to Power: The Story of Akira and the Cyber-Yakuza

"I'll do whatever it takes to get to the top."

Emerging from the ranks of law enforcement, Special Agent Akira operates undercover within the high echelons of the cyber-yakuza in Neo Tokyo. He has ascended to the side of Miyamoto, the organization's second-in-command, demonstrating his unwavering loyalty by performing yubitsume and willingly removing an implant at the first sign of a mistake.

Teetering on the edge of schizophrenia, Akira grapples with his dual identity: an incorruptible policeman or a faithless gangster. His connected grafts serve as the only reminder of his colleagues back at the Chiyoda base and his mission: to halt the mob's sweeping control over the city.

He exposes corrupt agents, halts the ascension of promising figures like Dae-Su, and recruits young assassins to stir up rivalries. His methods of sabotage are diverse and effective. It won't be long before the city's three clans declare an all-out, bloody war. When that time comes, Akira will be ready to deliver the final blow, restoring a semblance of justice to the city.


As we delve deeper into the world of OYABUN, more characters will emerge from the neon-lit shadows of Neo Tokyo. Each new character will bring their own unique story, adding new layers to the intricate tapestry of our narrative. From new cyber-yakuza warriors to influential figures in the city, these characters will continue to shape the destiny of Neo Tokyo.

Stay tuned as we unveil more characters in the future, each contributing to the rich, evolving saga of OYABUN. The story is far from over; in fact, it's just beginning.

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